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Fit Team Products


FITTEAM is a healthy lifestyle brand that’s empowering people, fulfilling purpose and building legacies. Launched in 2015 by field focused Founder & CEO, Christopher Hummel, FITTEAM is a privately held, debt free company that’s experiencing explosive growth and global expansion within the health and wellness industry.

At FITTEAM, we understand the powerful dynamic between personal well-being and success. That’s why we’re determined to provide a path that allows you to grow and develop in every aspect of your life. Our FITTEAM Products, Programs and Activewear provide you the foundation to transform!

FITTEAM Products are result oriented and have been expertly formulated with only all-natural & organic ingredients so you know that they are a healthy, simple and great tasting way to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

FITTEAM Programs have been designed by leading registered dietitians in the health and wellness industry to provide you all of the necessary resources and education to get lasting, long-term results. Program highlights include access to healthy meal plans, recipe books, private 

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